Create a new game/event

Note: This function is only available to members with manager access.

To create a new game or event, you can either select [Schedule] from the main menu and click [Add Event] or hover your mouse on any day at the schedule’s calendar and click the [Add Game/Event] link.

In the [Event Info] page enter the event information as described below:

  • Event type
  • Date
  • Time
  • Opposing team
  • Location
  • Uniform
  • Notes
  • Notification settings

Event Type

Choose one of the following options:

  • Game
  • Training
  • Meeting
  • Other


If you are adding a game, choose one of the available Game Types from the list:

  • League
    Dropdown will show a list of leagues in your state. If you can’t find the league in which you are participating, select Other from the list and enter its name.
  • Tournament
    Enter the tournament’s name in the Tournament textbox. Notice that as you type, you’ll see a list appearing with tournaments that match the words you entered. If you find the one in which you are participating, select it from the list.
  • Friendly
    Enter a title that describes the game you are playing, such as “Friendly with the Pumas,” etc.
  • Other
    Same as “Friendly…” above.


If you are adding a training/practice session, enter a title that describes the training/practice and which meaningful to your members.

If the training session you’re adding is a repeated event, select Daily or Weekly in the [Repeats every] dropdown; then select the date that the event series ends.


Enter the event’s title, such as “Parents’ Meeting,” etc.


Use this event type for any other event that doesn’t fall under the category of game, training or meeting, such as team parties, fundraising events, etc.

Date & Time

Select the event’s date either by typing the date or by clicking the calendar icon to show a calendar where you can click on a day.

To add repeating events, you can either:

  • Select a value from the [Repeats every] list and select an end date, or
  • Click on [Select Multiple Dates] link and select the dates you want in the calendar.

Select the event’s time by clicking the clock icon, and either type the hour, minutes and AM/PM or click the arrows.

Opponent Team (applies to game events only)

Select a previously entered opponent team from the list, or click the [Add] button to create a new one.


Locations can be fields the team can play or practice (for games and training events) or any address (meeting and other events).
Select a previously entered location from the list or click the [Add] button to create a new one.

Enter the full address of the location so members can get a Google map and directions when needed.
Enter notes such as special directions to the field or other details such as parking instructions, etc.

Finally, mark if the location is a home field.
Home fields appear with a little home icon in the calendar whenever the team’s schedule is shown, to let members know that they don’t have to travel for the event.

Event Roster
Read this article on how to select which members to join the event.

Uniform (applies to game and training events only)

Enter instructions as to what uniform your players should wear at the event, such as Home jerseys, Away jerseys, training uniforms,  etc.


Enter any event’s details you want to communicate to the team’s members, such as information about the event, gear to bring etc.

Notification settings

This is the important part of adding an event: let the team members know.

You can notify team members in two ways:

  • Email notification
  • Mobile app notification (for members who installed the TeamTracky mobile app)

Click the appropriate toggle to YES (default is NO) to enable it.

Keep in mind that not only members but any member contact who has selected to receive team notifications will be notified about the event.
Finally, click the [Save] button at the bottom of the form to create the event.

Adding multiple events in a row

If you are entering multiple games one after the other, click the [Save and Add New] button to speed the process.

When that button is clicked, you won’t be redirected to the schedule page but stay on the same page with the form ready to add another game, with some fields prepopulated.

If Game type is:

  • League
    Date will be moved to one week ahead as league games are played every week.
  • Tournament
    Date will be the same so you don’t have to select it again.
    Location stays the same so you don’t have to select it again (most tournaments are played in the same location).