Event locations

Locations are entered when new events are created in the team’s schedule and represent fields where the team can play or practice (for games and training events) or any address (meeting and other events).

To view or manage the opponent teams list, select [Schedule] from the main menu and click [Locations].

Location List

On the Locations page you’ll see a list of all the locations your team played, met or will use in the future.
Home fields are marked with a little home icon.

Click at the little blue map icon at the left of the location’s address to open a map with its address.

Events at a specific location

To see all the events occurred at a specific location, click the [See Events] link at Events at this Location.

The schedule list page will appear, listing all games that took place or that will take place at that location.
You can set the date range and search for events at the top of the page.

Manage Locations

Members with manager access can click the little pencil icon at the right of the location’s name to change the location’s information or delete it from the system.

Note: You can’t delete a location with events already entered in the schedule.