Events Schedule

The Schedule Page is the heart of TeamTracky and the focus point for all team members because it contains the team’s events.

To access the Schedule Page, select [Schedule] at the main menu and click the [Calendar/List] link. You can also access the schedule from the team’s home page by clicking [Schedule] at the QUICK LINKS section at the right of the page.

Schedule can be accessed in two views:

  • Calendar
  • List


The TeamTracky calendar is unique because it presents events in colored tiles so you can easily recognize the different event types:

  • Games
  • Training sessions
  • Meetings
  • Other

Each event tile contains:

  • Time of the event
  • Event label
  • Location (click to open a Google Map at the location’s address)
  • Score result (games only)
  • Attendance setting (click to change your availability for the event)

To see full event details, click at the little “i” icon at the top corner of the tile, and a pop-up will appear with all the information about the event.

To see prior or future events, click the arrows at the right top corner to move one month back or into the future.

Show Events for Multiple Teams

Another unique feature is the ability to see events from multiple teams on the same calendar.
If you are a member of multiple teams, click the [Show Events for All my Teams] button, and the calendar will show all the events for all of your teams.

No need to switch back and forth to see different teams’ schedules anymore!


To see this view of the schedule, click the [List] link at the top of the calendar.

Schedule List shows events in a list format sorted chronologically.

You can still set your availability for events right on that page. The Location name is clickable and will redirect to a Google map with the location’s address.

List shows all future events; to see prior events, enter a date range at the top and click the [Search] button.