How do member contacts work?

If you want other people to have access to your TeamTracky profile, you can add them as contacts.

Contacts can be:

  • Parents or other family members
  • Trainers
  • Friends

Contacts will have their own login to TeamTracky and access to the same information as the member they belong to, such as: team schedule, messages, attendance, etc.

For team managers and coaches

Do not add all parents as members on your team.

If you have players who are too young to have their own email, one of the parents should use his\her email for the member. The other parent should be added as a contact.

Parents shouldn’t appear at the attendance page, the list of notification recipients when you send a message or any list where you need to select a member.
Contacts will still receive messages of behalf of the member if they chose to “Receive team Notifications” in their profile.
Adding parents as contacts and not as  members will keep the team’s members list page less cluttered too.

Add a Contact

Select [Team Members] from the main menu and click [My Profile], or click your name at the top right corner of the screen and select [My Profile] from the list.

Click the [Contacts] tab at the left section under your photo and click the [Add new contact] button.

Fill out the form as you did your profile page, and click the [Save] button.
Contact will receive an email invitation to log into TeamTracky and complete his profile.

If the “Receive Team Notifications” checkbox is on, contact will receive the same team notification as you.
Contacts can also have full access to your profile if you check the “Can Act on my Behalf” option. That means contact will be able to manage your profile just as you do; give such access only to people you trust and who you know won’t create issues with your team.

Edit or Delete a Contact

To update a contact’s info, click the [Edit] button at the right of its name and edit its profile as you did above.

In the same screen you can also delete the contact by clicking the [Delete Contact] button.