How to set my availability for an event?

You can set your availability for an event using the desktop version or the mobile app.

Schedule Calendar

Desktop and Mobile app:
Click or tap [Schedule] and find the event you want to set the availability for. Then click or tap the availability link at the bottom of the event’s tile.
A pop-up will appear with availability options (Attending, Not available, Maybe).
Choose one to set your availability for the event. Optionally, you can add a note for the coach to see.

Team Attendance Overview page

Select [Attendance] from the main menu and click the Attendance link to visit the calendar page.
Find the event for which you’d like to set availability, and drag your name to the appropriate availability section (Attending, Not available, Maybe, Undecided).

Mobile app:
Find the event in the schedule page and tap on it. Then tap the [Attendance] tab.
Find your name, tap the availability link and choose one from the pop-up that appears.