Transaction Log

The transaction log lists all transactions (team fees applied, payments, or charges) for each member of the team.
You can use the search boxes to find previously-entered transactions.

Transaction List

The Grid shows all transactions for each member so that each member can easily see what has been charged and what payments he/she has made.

Managers can see the transaction list for each member, including those who were deleted from the team but have a balance.

Add New Transaction (Managers Only)

Transactions can be added for each member individually and can be:

  • Payments
  • Charges

Payments can entered every time a member pays a due.
Click the + button at the right of the member’s name.

At the [Add Transaction] page, enter the transaction type, a description( such as check #), the amount paid, and any notes to remind you of the transaction, such as payment method, location, etc.