Member Balance

Note: This function is only available to members with manager access.

Coaches and team managers can easily check each member’s balance by visiting [Member Balance] in the [Payments] menu.

This page shows the balance for each team member grouped by:

  • Active Players
  • Active Non-players
  • Deactivated Members (if any)
  • Deleted Members (if any)

Add New Transaction

Transactions can be added for each member individually and can be:

  • Payments
  • Charges

Payments can entered every time a member pays a due.
Click the + button at the right of the member’s name.

At the [Add Transaction] page, enter the transaction type, a description (such as check #), the amount paid, and any notes to remind you of the transaction, such as payment method, location, etc.

Transaction Log

To see all transactions (team fees applied, payments, or charges) for each member, click the transaction log icon at the right of the member’s name.

For more about the transaction log, click here.