Team Attendance

Another important TeamTracky feature is Team Attendance.

Coaches and team managers need to know member availability for specific events so they can adjust a game or practice session plan accordingly.

Once an event is created, team members will be notified and they should set their availability as:

  • Attending
  • Not available
  • Maybe
  • Undecided

Availability statuses are color-coded for easy reading.

To learn how to set availability for an event, follow the instructions on this page.

Team Attendance Overview

This page is mostly useful to non-player members, such as team managers, coaches and trainers, because it shows a full picture of all team events and each member’s availability on a single page.

Select [Attendance] from the main menu and click the [Team Attendance Overview] link to open it.

Information on the page

The page lists all upcoming events and member availability grouped by:

  • Availability (Attending, Not available, Maybe, Undecided)
  • Member type (Players and non-Players)

In the left column are shown the event detail, such as event type, date and time, event title and location.

The next four columns show a list of members grouped by their availability (Attending, Not available, Maybe, Undecided) in color-coded sections so it is easy to see how many members are available and how many are not.
Players appear at the top of the section (since they are the most important) and non-players at the bottom.

This page only lists upcoming team events; if you want to see attendance for previous events, select a date range at the top of the screen and click the [Search] button.
Team Notifications

Members with manager access can set team notifications to:

  • Remind members to enter their availability
  • Send an event-specific message

To send an event specific team notification, find the event in the attendance overview page and click the [Notify Team] button.

At the pop-up that appears, select which members you want to notify.

You can select members by:

  • Member type (all players or all non-players)
  • Availability (Attending, Not available, Maybe, Undecided)

Click the group in the left list to move it to the right list to add its members to the message’s recipient list.

Select the message type (email and/or mobile app notification), and click the [Send Notifications] button.


Time off

Are you going on a vacation? You don’t have to set your availability for each team event during your absent.

Members can set time off dates to let coaches and team managers know when they will not be available to participate to team events.

For more details on how to set your time-off days, click here.