What are the different member types?

Members are categorized by their function in the team as:

  • Team Owner
  • Team Manager
  • Head Coach
  • Assistant Coach
  • Players
  • Trainers
  • Club officials
  • Other

Any of the above member types can be given manager access to perform specific actions on TeamTracky such as add other members, add events, send notifications, etc. Team owner has manager access by default.

Team Owners

Team owner is the team’s creator or a member whose team ownership has been transferred by a previous owner.

Team owner can’t leave a team because it needs at least one member to exist.

Team Managers

Not to be confused with members with manager access.
These are individuals who are managing the team outside TeamTracky.


Can be the head coach or assistant coaches of the team.


These are the actual players of the team. Any other member type is considered non-playing member.

Players appear at designated sections of the site and are treated differently than others (have a jersey number and they are grouped together in the “Member List” and “Attendance” pages).

Players under thirteen should be represented by their parents. People under 13 years old aren’t allowed to access the site.


These individuals train the team and need access to TeamTracky to check schedule, set their availability, etc.

Club officials

These individuals may want to check the team’s schedule to manage member list or check the team’s progress.


These people can be any other individual who has interest on the team such as: physicians, field coordinators, etc.

Member family members or friends can use TeamTracky as contacts but they can’t be members of the team.