Team Members List

Member list page lists the full roster of a team on easy-to-ready “badges.”

Each member “badge” contains the following member info:

  • Full name
  • Phone number(s) (top 2 if more)
  • Email address
  • Photo
  • Member type
  • Jersey number (if player)
  • Member status

Page is designed to give team managers quick access to member’s contact info when needed.

Member list is separated into three groups by member type and status:

  • Players

This group is the most important and most contacted, so they appear at the top to give easy access to their contact info for coaches and team managers.
Players are sorted alphabetically.

  • Non-Players

These members are presented in this order:
Team owner, team manager, head coach, assistant coaches, then the rest of the non-playing members sorted alphabetically.

  • Deactivated Members

These are members who are deactivated but not removed from the team and may include players who join the team occasionally or any member who’s not active with the team right now but can come back again.